Industrial Services

BSL has been a world-leading supplier of scaffolding and alternative access services to on and offshore environments. BSL plays a key role in supporting major players across a variety of industrial sectors. BSL uses its our own equipment for their access services, which is manufactured to internationally recognised standards for safety and reliability in their own factories.


For over 25 years, BSL group has been a world-leading supplier of scaffolding, access solution and services to on and offshore environments. We play a key role in supporting major players across a variety of industrial sectors. We use and supply Equipment from our own manufacturing which is as per internationally recognised standards for access services.

Our extensive scaffolding and access solutions include:

  • Tube and fitting scaffolding
  • System scaffold
  • Formwork and falsework
  • Tensioned netting
  • Mobile elevated work platforms
  • Rope access
  • Powered access
  • Mast climbers

Safety and reliability is a priority for BSL group's international workforce. We take great pride in the calibre of our people, and great care of their health and welfare. This means rigorous training and assessment certification as well as ongoing investment in management and site reporting systems, which in turn helps in keeping our high service levels to the highest standards wherever we work.

In-house design expertise

BSL group's highly qualified engineers will draw up design schemes suited to each project and to each client's own safety standards, all in accordance with international requirements. Our cost effective solutions and systems provide safe and site compatible access. Our solutions for formwork and access systems, reduce site congestion as well as removal and re erection downtime.

Rope access

Over the last few years, BSL group has started to develop expertise in rope access and abseiling techniques both on and offshore. We are able to mobilise expertise at short notice with full certification



BSL has strong tie-ups with leading suppliers of pipes for the Oil & Gas sector.



BSL has strong tie-ups with leading suppliers of fittings for the Oil & Gas sector.



As an extension to the projects undertaken, BSL also adds value for its clients by sourcing important products required in execution of the projects. These typically include pipes, valves, pumps, skids, tanks etc.

Supply of spares for power plants
  • Rotaries of Steam Turbines with the weight up to 20 Tones.
  • Bearings, muffs, tooth gearing, springs, & other spare parts
  • Cylinder Rotor Blades
  • Factory repairs of steam Turbines rotors
  • Nozzle devices & Distributors



BSL has a long-term business experience in supplying gaskets to major Oil & Gas Companies, Petrochemical Refineries, Desalination & Power Plants, On-Shore & Offshore EPC Contractors, Heavy Engineering Fabrication Contractors, Chemical, Cement, Fertilizer Plants and waterlines, Irrigation and Landscaping.



BSL is committed to worldwide excellence with a complete range of pumps to support core markets which are Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Industrial Applications, Water and Mining. The broad product line complies with the most demanding quality standards and industry specifications such as API, ANSI and Hydraulic Institute Standards.

Types of Valves supplied:
  • Gate Valves
  • Triple-offset Butterfly Valves
  • Gloves Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Process Ball Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • Pipeline Ball Values



BSL has been providing instrumentation to the oil and gas industry for over 20 years. Working from end-user feedback, BSL has developed technological solutions to the problems that are encountered when accurate process measurement is required. BSL has supplied the most varied range of instrumentation to match the needs of today's oil and gas industry, examples include high static pressure transmitters and the replacement of conventional displacer devices with high accuracy radar level measurement.

Instrumentation for Oil & Gas
  • Bulk Solids Storage
  • Mud Pit Level and Density Measurements
  • Mud Pumps - Flow Rate Measurement
  • Separator Vessels - Oil, Gas and Ater Flow Measurement
  • Flow Meters for chemical injection
  • Flare Knock Out Drums
  • Temperature Instrumentation
  • Pressure Instrumentation
Piping, Pipeline Maintenance, Modification & Repair Products
  • Cathodic Protection Equipment
  • Pipeline Drilling and Hot Tapping Machines
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Pigging Products and Accessories
  • Pipeline Plugging Equipment
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation Products



This is the earliest type of metallic scaffold. This system is versatile but cumbersome and time-consuming to use since it involves a lot of joints and several loose components, which necessitate elaborate safety precautions during erection / dismantling. It is recommended only for limited applications such as access scaffold for not very tall buildings and for odd structures / connections.


Pressed Steel Couplers

These are made out of MS sheet with approx. 1 kg of weight per unit. It generally comes in painted finish with a limited life.

Forged Couplers

Its main body is drop forged with approx. 0.9 kg of weight per unit. It generally comes in electro-galvanized finish with a very long life, 3-4 times more than pressed couplers.



BSL Frame system is a true blend of the traditional scaffolding coupled with high tensile tube wherever applicable. From scaffolding frames to modern shoring frames BSL's Frame system is in demand among the major developed countries. The unique Character of BSL scaffolding is to make available custom and tailor made solutions best suited for the buyer. The fames can be surfaced finished in normal paint with pre phosphating as well as can be powder coated as per demand. Frames are placed at regular intervals one over the other and inter-connected by cross braces for rigidity and stability



These scaffolds are fairly versatile but require more time to erect/dismantle due to involvement of a lot of nuts and bolts compared to the welded frame type of scaffold. They are suited for access scaffolding and slab staging of industrial structures. All Purpose Units consists of two verticals and one horizontal units which are interconnected by 40 mm NB Medium class M. S. Tube called Ledgers.



This system consists of tubular verticals with wedge housings welded to them at 500 / 1000 mm centers in four directions at right angles. Horizontals, Transoms and Diagonals have captive wedges welded to them. These members engage with wedge housing on verticals and get locked in position by locking wedges by means of a hammer. This system is suitable for access scaffolding and heavy staging of slabs etc.



Ring lock Verticals have rounded ring with slots and located @ every 500 mm c/c. Horizontal members can be placed on the slots of the ring on any direction, but each horizontal can be erected & dismantled separately only. Erection and Dismantling takes more time compared to other system such as BSL Cuplok.



This is among the most versatile modular scaffolding system in the world. It's unique node point connection makes it very fast assembly/ dismantling of scaffolding. The absence of loose parts and a unique cup action allows four horizontals units to be fixed or released in a single operation by means of only a hammer. BSL CUPLOK is at least 50% faster than any other type of scaffolding system and therefore, universally accepted and very widely used. BSL Cuplok Access Scaffolding system has been effectively used for Oil Refineries, Thermal Power Plant Boiler maintenance, Chimney Stacks, Flyovers, Silos, TG Foundations as well as Offshore Structures / Ship Building and Repairs/Restoration of Monuments. BSL Cuplok system is very safe and economical as this type of scaffolding cuts down erection and dismantling time significantly.








BSL is one of the market leaders for supply of advanced Formwork and Scaffolding Systems in India, providing full Formwork services including Design, Supply, Rental/Hire, on site erection supervision. The company has branch offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai; and has more than 25 years of experience in the production of formwork and scaffolding systems.

  • With the latest technology from Germany, all the Formwork systems are cost effective, time saving, fast and easy to use.
  • Formwork products are manufactured with latest technology at our plants in China, Dubai and India.
  • Complete technical solution is provided to site requirements by our design team at Delhi office.
  • Also offers custom made formwork to suit site requirements.

Formwork Products

  • Slab Formwork System
  • Wall Formwork System
  • Tunnel Formwork System
  • Column Formwork System
  • Slab Edge Protection system
  • Accessories


  • Design
  • Sale
  • Rentals
  • Initial Training
  • Inspection
  • Certifications


BSL has experience providing insulation services to the highest standards, across international markets. This makes BSL first choice for projects that require meticulous attention to safety, reliability and durability. They cover the full scope of insulation needs and can manage the entire process, from fabrication to supply, installation and maintenance. By continually evaluating the potential of new materials and techniques to address the rapidly evolving insulation challenges, they can significantly reduce costs over the life cycle of an industrial asset.

Refractory Linings

BSL applies refractory linings to all types of furnaces and heating plant, in all major industries throughout the world. Our strength is our ability to offer complete refractory packages, from design and engineering, through selection and procurement of materials, to installation, commissioning, and maintenance, and including demolition. BSL's highly skilled craftsmen are experienced in working with all types of materials, including bricklaying, gunning, casting, ramming, hand packing, pumping and applying fibrous products in slab, blanket and modular forms. Being at the forefront of refractory engineering, our quality control, quality assurance and health and safety are fundamental to their continued success and long-standing reputation.

Specialist Coatings

BSL provides specialist coating services in sometimes hazardous man-made environments. BSL on and offshore experience – from shipyards to LNG plants, oil and gas refineries, blast furnaces and fabrication plants – means BSL have the understanding, expertise and highly-trained workforce to provide lasting, cost-effective and safe solutions to any surface preparation and coating project.

BSL's coatings services cover:
  • Process and storage equipment
  • Pipework and structural steel
  • Surface preparation
  • Degradation analysis and reporting
  • Full assessment of materials and technical recommendations
  • Rubber linings
  • Fireproofing
  • Non–metallic composite repair


With BSL's combined knowledge and experience of working with structural fireproofing systems, it can offer some of the best technical and design advice available – from early project planning stages right through to construction. BSL's fireproofing techniques include cementations and fibrous spraying, fire-cladding and in tumescent coatings.