Oil, Gas & Hydrocarbon

Key Areas: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Solutions, Refinery Expansion, Gas Processing and Compression, Oil Blending Terminals, Storage Tanks and Trading Terminals

BSL offers solutions in Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbons to the Indian and overseas markets. It has competency in executing downstream projects in this sector including main plant installation, refinery expansion, tank farms, terminals, on-shore oil field development and processing plants. It has the ability to design, build and deliver the best solutions within a specified timeline, thereby adding to the company's expertise in this sector.

BSL has executed following many prestigious onshore and offshore projects:
  • 1. Structural Fabrication (Onshore & Offshore) and its Installation
  • 2. Fabrication (Onshore & Offshore) and installation of piping
  • 3. Electrical & Instrumentation (Onshore & Offshore)
  • 4. Hook Up, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning (Onshore & Offshore)
  • 5. Revamping, Repair & Recertification of High Pressure Separators Off shore job
  • 6. Sump caisson Installation
  • 7. Produced Water conditioning Skids
  • 8. Replacement of Waste Heat Recovery
  • 9. Replacement of Main Fuel Gas Skid for platform process system and dedicated Fuel gas skid for Turbine Power Generators alongwith associated equipments, vessels, piping and instruments.
  • 10. Replacement of Hot oil system
  • 11. Replacement of complete Cooling Water circulation system
  • 12. Replacement of total open and closed drain system